Welcome to Casa Feranza

Welcome to Casa Feranza

Casa Feranza is based on new kind of visions, and on new ideas, to build up a company with great potential. A company that will be based on many kind of activities, and therefore be independent of different national and international cyclical.

We are in Casa Feranza self- financing, and are not depending on banks or other funders.


We work after some speciel ideas in our projects, that nothing must be random.

We analyze every little step, so we know the result, before we actual can “see” the result.


Casa Feranza is based on the idea of a strong Partner-structure. That we have seperate partner structures in each project, to have entrepreneurs that feel, that each project is "their project"

Solutions for 
the Future

We have a management and a setup, where we think innovation 24/7. That is a main factor in the way we work. That we simply do things in our own way.

Casa Feranza - solutions for the future


Our business visions, are to create things and ideas, from "ground zero".
To find new ideas and new ways, to make ideas come to life.
A very important part of our ideas are, that we want to built our organisation, mainly in areas, where the jobs we can create, will have max effect.
Based on these ideas, Africa will for us be a very important part of our "business plans".
Both on short and long term.
Basically we want to create a "new society" across Africa, where we deliver free health care, free education, jobs, better prices for farmers, international possibilities for artists, using and developing renewable energy etc. A "new society" covering people from all 52 countries in Africa, based on the respect for people and environment.

But we also develop projects and jobs in basically all area of the world, based on the same ideas. That we want to create "good living", before focus on profit for our companies. We want to create "good energy" - and with "good energy" - profit comes automatically.

Do you understand and like our visions, and our way to build up our business and organizations, then you are welcome to contact us, and become a part of that.